Start a Book Drive

Access Books Bay Area supplies school libraries with brand new hardcover books, but we prefer to build classroom library sets and stock our Library Book Boxes with donated books. That’s where you come in!

Consider sponsoring an underserved school by running a book drive on its behalf. Examples of past sponsors include schools from affluent communities, corporations, individuals (including parents together with their children), Scout troops, and high school students working on community service projects.

How Does it Work?

We work with you to establish a timeline for your book drive, and provide guidance and coaching for you to be successful. Your group collects gently used (preferably no more than 5 years old), high-interest books appropriate for grades K-5. Then you deliver the collected books to us, and we make sure they get to the students who need them most. It’s that simple!!

If your book drive is for a particular school library refurbishment project we are doing, volunteers from your group may also join us on the project day to work together with volunteers from the recipient school to build classroom library sets from the donated books, process the brand new books provided by Access Books Bay Area for library circulation, and paint literacy-themed murals. Volunteers from your group get the chance to see where the books go and report back to their home school, organization, etc. It’s also a great way for employees from donating companies to participate in a team-building exercise or volunteer opportunity.

We thrive on the partnerships built, engaging caring people from the community who share our belief in the importance of access to literacy. One of the most compelling aspects of Access Books Bay Area is the emphasis on building bridges between different communities.

If your school, corporation, or other organization would like to conduct a book drive for a school in need, please contact us: 

If you are an individual, contact us or sign up online to Conduct a Book Drive (with Your Kids) for our Library Lending Boxes