School Library Refurbishment Projects

Schools serving approximately 85% Title I qualifying students are welcome to apply for one of our school library refurbishment projects. Access Books Bay Area accepts program applications on a rolling basis throughout the school year. Library refurbishment projects are conducted during the school year only, between late September and early May. Each project requires a few of months of lead time, and consists of the following steps:

  1. School administrator and/or library staff fill out application, including up-to-date statistics on the size, usage, and makeup of the current collection pulled from your library circulation system, as well as a written description of the state of your library and why your school library and students would benefit from an Access Books Bay Area projects at your school.
  2. Access Books Bay Area staff conduct site visits to assess the library in person and speak with library staff, and to determine areas of greatest need, including assessing need for updated reading furniture and/or rugs, and possible placement of murals.
  3. A project date is set 12-14 weeks after assessment is conducted.
  4. Comfortable reading furniture is ordered at least 12-14 weeks prior to project date.
  5. Approximately 1,000+ brand new, library quality hardbound books are ordered at least 6 weeks prior to the project date, along with MARC records and library processing materials (spine and barcode labels and transparent label covers — schools must provide their own dust jacket covers if they wish to have them on the books).
  6. School administrator and/or community liaison recruit volunteers for the day of the project.
  7. Access Books Bay Area recruits community volunteers to conduct a book drive to collect approximately 2,000 gently used books for your classroom libraries, and to provide volunteers on the day of the project.
  8. Project day: We process new and used books, and paint murals.

We only conduct projects at school sites with library staffing. If your school library is currently unstaffed, please keep us in mind for a future project once you have library staff.

Application for a School Library Refurbishment Project

Please retrieve this data from your library circulation software.
Please retrieve this data from your library circulation software.
Please work with your library staff person to get this number -- your library circulation software should be able to provide this in a circulation statistics report.
e.g. Follett Titlewave, Junior Library Guild, Perma-Bound, etc.
For example: do all teachers have a key to the library? Do they have to get it opened by someone else? Do they simply not have access?